lenovo frp /google lock removed


lenovo frp /google lock removed 

                                      Watch Video for Unlock Guide        

                   Android lunch new  protection method for android smart phone running 5.1 and higher
Android Factory Reset Protection frp is a new feature to protect your devices that are running Android OS 5.1 or higher
this lock often make heavy risk for user .In most case user creating google account only for using to download applications from play store so they never remember its password and username. when you doing a factory reset then it ask your previous google account to boot up to menu .
                     Here i introducing a legal method to remove frp lock frome your phone.To unlock your phone follow the step carefully
       1-frp remove for lenovo android devise

             turn off your phone

               put your phone in to fast boot
          press and hole vol up(v+) and power key after vibrating release power button .It will enter automatically to fast boot else manually choose fast boot mode on upcoming menu(factory mode)
if you do't get fast boot mode change the key combination

            You mast install fast boot and adb driver you can google it to download in this site
step -4
          download fast boot reset tool from here
                                                               Watch Video for Unlock Guide
           follow the bat file to complete unlock